The Seven Day Path To Wealth — Chapter 2

Chapter Two

The following is the second chapter of The Seven Day Path To Wealth: A Meditation On Building Personal Wealth. This book is available as an ebook on I will serialize the book on this Medium site over the next few weeks. I appreciate your comments and feedback on the ideas presented herein.The Power you have always had

Are you aware of your personal power? Have you thought about all the times you managed to achieve a desire or goal for something you really wanted but initially had no idea how you would pull it off?

Let’s spend a little time exploring this experience. It applies to absolutely everyone alive! We have all managed to perform personal miracles in our own lives many times over, but most of us have generally not thought of it in that way. In fact, we are usually pretty good at inventing back stories to explain how something that we have achieved or received came to us in some very ordinary way that we do not consider to be at all remarkable or notable. Even if we momentarily decide what we accomplished was amazing, we often have family or friends at our side to play the role of explaining away our remarkable event. The result is we downplay the significance of it. That’s a shame because every one of us is a miracle worker in our own personal way. Let’s get back in touch with that reality.

Here is a short exercise to help you become conscious of the miracle worker you truly are. Your full awareness of this fact will serve you well in activating your personal wealth plan. Stop right here and make a list of five things in your life that will bring home the point that you are a very powerful creator of your own life. Use the following suggestions to help your personal recall –

1. Think of something you have or did that you regard as an important accomplishment;

2. Recall how you thought of this particular desire before you acquired it;

3. Recall your initial doubts regarding whether or not it was achievable;

4. Recall what specific plans you made, or actions you took to get what you wanted;

5. Give yourself credit for your remarkable accomplishment because you brought something you desired into your life through your own intention and focus.

See there? You are amazing! Please believe that and never forget it. That’s not a suggestion; that’s an order!

You will see that this exercise is a great primer for what’s to come as you embark upon your practice and journey to your personal wealth. Feeling positive about yourself and your abilities is a must if you wish to make positive and sustainable changes for the remainder of your life. There really is something to positive thinking. Don’t let anyone convince you it is just a bunch of psycho-babble. And if you have any negative thoughts of that sort you need to release them as soon as you finish reading this sentence.



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Kent Comfort

Kent Comfort is a writer, entrepreneur and podcaster. He enjoys life in the southwest with his wife and their cocker spaniel.