The 12 Step Program for Purging America of Trumpism

Kent Comfort
2 min readNov 24, 2023


We have seen 12 step programs for a variety of social situations other than Alcoholism and other chemical substances. I am submitting yet another version of the 12 step program for ridding America of the vestiges, and soiling of our culture, from the era to be known historically as Trumpism.

Step 1 — We admit we have allowed Trumpism to permeate our culture in very negative ways that led to making our governance unmanageable.

Step 2 — We agree that it will take a power greater than what we are currently deploying to restore sanity and put our nation back on course as a respected world leader.

Step 3 — We must decide to turn our focus and our intentions over to the people of this nation who desire to instill policies and action that serve the greater good.

Step 4 — We must pursue and share a deep search and moral inventory of ourselves as a nation that has stepped off the path of integrity.

Step 5 — We must acknowledge to a higher power, each other, and ourselves the exact nature of the error of our ways.

Step 6 — We are ready to commit to the act of removing all these defects of character.

Step 7 — In a spirit of national humility, we ask each other for forgiveness for our shortcomings in our joint effort to remove them.

Step 8 — We must make a list of nations and classes of people we have harmed and resolve to make amends to them all.

Step 9 — As we make amends to those who have been harmed, we must do so in a manner that does not risk causing new or worse harm.

Step 10 — We must continue to be vigilant in taking inventory of our harmful ways, and promptly admit when and where we are wrong.

Step 11 — Through any means that improves our conscious awareness of our social responsibility to each other, we must resolve to resist and arrest any future potential of any manifestations of Trumpism to grip our nation again.

Step 12 — From the conscious awakening by following and practicing these steps, we continue to share this message with future generations, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.



Kent Comfort

Kent Comfort is a writer, entrepreneur and podcaster. He enjoys life in the southwest with his wife and their cocker spaniel.