Kent Comfort
1 min readOct 31, 2023

In these times, we are a Dumb-ent
If we vote for an Incumbent!

They seem to no longer care about us;
And throw us all under the bus.

Their loyalty is only to sources of money;
To the powerful they become their honey!

Most politicians are just crooks;
They help the powerful cook the books.

Even the good ones need to go;
Else they become sucked into the flow.

But that causes chaos, cry the masses!
What have we now, lads and lasses?

Native lore says don’t reward ambition;
That will always result in today’s condition.

Ordinary citizens are our best choice,
They are better equipped to be our voice.

But after one term, send them back home!
Otherwise they will turn into a gnome.

What they learn there may give them the tools,
To come back home and fend off the fools.

We must admit we are not represented,
In the manner we thought we consented!

Career politicians have become our bane;
They do not care about our sources of pain.

Are you really enjoying the status quo?
I’m urging you, all incumbents have got to go!



Kent Comfort

Kent Comfort is a writer, entrepreneur and podcaster. He enjoys life in the southwest with his wife and their cocker spaniel.