Calling Kamala Harris!

Where have you been, Kamala Harris?

When no one was watching, did you sneak off to Paris?

America was excited about our groundbreaking Veep!

But for nearly two years there’s been nary a peep!

It is already hard to see what a vice-president is for

So, it is not helpful when you never take the floor!

Ol’ Joe Biden is well past his sell by date.

You need to show up before it’s too late!

You can no longer afford to be invisible and errant.

America truly needs a presidential heir apparent.

So many crying needs among our under-served population.

There must be something that is deserves your concentration!

Can’t you choose and embrace a major need

That your regal voice can be used to plead?

Is history only going to say that you were a minority

Who failed to step up to be of service to the majority?

If you are being intentionally concealed

America will be sad when that is revealed.

Please find your voice, Kamala Harris

And high-tail it back here if you are in Paris!



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Kent Comfort

Kent Comfort is a writer, entrepreneur and podcaster. He enjoys life in the southwest with his wife and their cocker spaniel.